About this blog

Life Changing Lemon Cake is a place to share my adventures in the kitchen – the triumphs and the disasters! I’ll be blogging my trusty recipes from weekday suppers to weekend showstoppers and everything in between.

A key theme will be Project Wedding Cake. Someone wise talked me out of making my own wedding cake (thank you husband) but I could not be deterred from volunteering to make my sister’s cake. I have until May 2018 to perfect all the recipes, techniques and flavours needed for the big day and I plan to share my practice bakes and the real thing.

The name of the blog comes from my friend Ben’s description of my lemon drizzle cake at a charity cake stall. The name stuck and given that my life is lived in pursuit of perfect lemon flavours it seemed a fitting title for the blog. A trip to Italy in June 2017 provided inspiration for all things lemon including the stunning lemon stand I saw and photographed in Amalfi which forms the backdrop to the blog.