Ratatouille Flavour Fail!

A baking tray full of chopped courgettes, red onions, peppers and aubergines

I like trying new recipes, especially from food magazines, and even more if it uses ingredients we already have in the freezer. Having come across a bumper lot of reduced fish the other week when we were in Sainsbury’s we’ve been looking for recipes to try to use it up. I found a recipe I tore out of a Sainsbury’s Magazine for Parma Ham-Wrapped Cod with Mediterranean Vegetables.

A baking tray full of chopped courgettes, red onions, peppers and aubergines
Mediterranean Veg ready to roast

We made this for dinner and it was delicious. We also had quite a few veggies left in the fridge so decided to roast more of them and then have the leftovers another day. So far, so sensible.

Cod wrapped in parma ham with pesto and roasted vegetables
Parma Ham Cod – Delicious

The next night we planned to have some sausages with rataouille and spiced bulgur wheat from our freezer (another make ahead meal) and we thought we could supplement the already made ratatouille with the leftover veggies from the night before. Have you spotted our mistake yet?

From the first bite of our ratatouille I knew something was wrong. It tasted very strange. Tom was able to work out why. Having roasted the vegetables with the cod, they had taken on a fishy flavour. When added to the ratatouille with sausages and spices the fishy flavour was also incorporated. It didn’t work at all. That’s a mistake not to be repeated in future! Cod flavour does not enhance ratatouille with sausages. Lesson learned. #KitchenFails