Waitrose Summer Festival

Being in Southampton has its perks, one of which is being so close to the wonderful Hampshire countryside. This came into its own this year as the in-laws alerted us to the Waitrose Summer Festival at Leckford and suggested we get tickets. Tom was dispatched to organise this and he duly did. What a wonderful day!

There were lots of stalls with delicious things to try. We especially liked some lemon shortbread biscuits dipped in white chocolate and several of the tasty cheeses on offer. The best food of the day went to the chicken katsu burger we had for lunch. The queue was massive but my goodness it was worth it. Not least because I left Tom in the queue to collect the food while I went off to see Martha Collison’s Q&A!

I got to meet Martha afterwards in the book tent and she kindly signed my copy of Twist (well-used already as I’ve made several of the recipes and may well blog them later). Tom also bought me a copy of her new book, Crave, which I also got signed, but I can’t have that until Christmas – I’m told it was dispatched to Santa already!

Two signed Martha Collison cookbooks and a Waitrose Summer Festival tote bag
Signed Cookbooks!

I told Martha I was really pleased to meet her as I had tweeted her a couple of times when I made the Mont Blanc and the Peach and Pomegranate Pavlova from Twist and she had retweeted them. Hopefully my fangirl enthusiasm didn’t scare her too much!

Later we went to her baking demonstration where she made some fabulous looking cupcakes in ice-cream cones with a marshmallowy topping. A recipe to try out next time I have a willing crowd of people to eat them I think!

Martha Collison doing a cooking demonstration piping icing onto cupcakes that look like ice creams
Martha demonstrates her ice cream cupcakes


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